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[Retired] Network Pentesting CTF: [Nov 27- Dec 1]

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This CTF contest has concluded. The solution PDF manual can be downloaded from above.

Welcome to our Weekly CTF Contest!

CTF Description:

Network Pentesting is a crucial process in identifying vulnerabilities and understanding the impact it could have on a machine and on the network as a whole. Every phase in the process is very important and must be done effectively. A single vulnerability or a misconfiguration is all an attacker would require to compromise the network.

This CTF is focused on various phases of Network Pentesting. You have to enumerate the services running on the machines, identify the misconfiguration, and leverage it to obtain a shell on the target. Once you have a shell, escalate privileges to the root user and perform Lateral movement to compromise all the machines on the network. 


Collect all eight flags.




  • Click on RUN to start the lab (takes approximately 25s).

  • Click on LAB LINK to access the Kali GUI instance. The machine will have an interface with IP address 192.X.Y.2. 

  • Target machine A and Target machine B should be located at the IP address 192.X.Y.3 and 192.X.Y.4 respectively. 

  • Once you compromise Target B, you should be able to use that as a pivot to exploit Target C.

  • The flags can be identified by FLAG1, FLAG2, FLAG3, FLAG4, FLAG5, FLAG6, FLAG7 and FLAG8

  • All the tools required for solving the CTF are available on the Kali machine. Third-party opensource tools/scripts are present in the directory "/root/Desktop/tools"

  • For performing dictionary attack use the wordlist: /root/Desktop/wordlists/100-common-passwords.txt

Practice Labs:


  • Capture and verify 8 flags - FLAG1, FLAG2, FLAG3, FLAG4, FLAG5, FLAG6, FLAG7 and FLAG8

  • Once you verify the flags, email with a short report on the process and the email you used to register on this website.

  • Reply to our Twitter post to let us know you've submitted your report. 

  • This CTF contest will start on 0000hrs Nov 27, 2020 ET and end on 2359hrs Dec 1, 2020 ET.

  • First 3 players to capture all the flags get a 1-month subscription + Pentester Academy T-shirt

  • 3 other participants who capture all the flags will be selected randomly to win 1-month subscriptions! These will be picked randomly from the remaining correct submissions coming in upto 2359hrs Dec 1, 2020 ET

  • Winners will be contacted on Dec 2-3, 2020

  • All decisions from our team will be final. 

1. FLAG1
2. FLAG2
3. FLAG3
4. FLAG4
5. FLAG5
6. FLAG6
7. FLAG7
8. FLAG8

The following activities are strictly prohibited on this website unless otherwise explicitly stated as allowed in the mission statement:

  • Using automated scanners
  • Using brute force attacks
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Attacking other student machines in challenges where you might achieve a shell on the vulnerable system
  • Attacking the lab infrastructure

Users violating the above will be either temporarily or permanently banned from the website. 

If you are unsure about an activity, then please contact support to confirm that it is allowed on our website.

Technical Support for this Lab:

There is a reason we provide unlimited lab time: you can take as much time as you need to solve a lab. However, we realize that sometimes hints might be necessary to keep you motivated!

We currently provide technical support limited to:

  • Giving hints for a lab exercise
  • In rare circumstances, if you have totally given up (NO!!!) then tell you how to solve it. This will be limited to sharing the solution video or lab report
  • A lab exercise fails to load or has errors in it

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