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Capanalysis Basics

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Capanalysis is traffic analysis tool which can be used for macro analysis. It can take multiple pcap files as input captured over long period of time and help the user see interesting patterns in the network traffic. More information is available on their official website.

Start the lab, explore the tool and answer the questions below:


    1. Out of the total traffic, what is the percentage of outbound traffic?
    2. During which hour is the outbound traffic volume the highest?
    3. Most of the traffic belongs to which protocol?
    4. Which IP address is responsible for the maximum data sent?
    5. How many bytes were sent from IP to other hosts?
    6. Some of the traffic seems to contain packets/flows  using a privacy protection technique (or anonymizer solution). Can you identify the technique/solution/tool?
    7. Between 12:00-12:59 on 3rd March 2017, traffic can be observed for an popular online shopping service. Can you name the service?
    8. Most of the traffic is destined to which country?
    9. There is traffic using two file popular internet file sharing protocols. What are their names?
    10. Which social media platforms were used by the users?
    11. What is the total volume of the traffic given for analysis?
    12. Which IP address is responsible for the largest chunk of traffic? What is the percentage share of this machine?
    13. IP address exchanged traffic with a machine in china. What is the IP of that machine?
    14. Which local machines (Private IP network) were using BitTorrent clients?
    15. What are the IP of local and public DNS servers being used?

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