First, it is important to understand how web applications work and how various components interact with each other. This section will cover various web application concepts and protocol basics.

What will you learn?

  • Interacting with web applications 

  • Interacting with database services

  • Model View Controller Architecture


  1. Web Application (

  2. Web Application Pentesting ( 


  • HTTP Method Enumeration

    • Objective: Use Burp Suite and Curl to enumerate the HTTP method allowed by the web page/directory.

  • SQL Basics

    • Objective: Using OmniDB and PHPMyAdmin interact with the database. 

  • NoSQL Basics

    • Objective: Use Mongo shell to interact with the database server, execute NoSQL queries and retrieve data from the MongoDB server.

  • Guestbook

    • Objective: View/Modify the guestbook application code and explore the application.

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HTTP Method Enumeration

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SQL Basics

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NoSQL Basics

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