This lab teaches the creation of an AP Backdoor. In the lab, the user has to create a malicious .ko module on the development machine, transfer it to the test machine and then observe it in action. The infrastructure to develop and test a kernel module based backdoor is provided. 

What will you learn?

  • Building backdoor kernel modules for OpenWRT ARM router

  • Inserting and removing the modules on emulated device 

  • Modifying the functionality and observing the module in action


  1. Compiling Kernel Modules (

  2. Building External Module (

  3. Write Linux Kernel Module (

Labs Covered:

In this lab, you will learn to create Linux Kernel Module (LKM) based backdoors and test those on an emulated environment. A non-exhaustive list of activities to be covered includes: 

    • Explore the build OpenWRT system and source code for various sample backdoors

    • Build the backdoor kernel modules

    • Transfer the kernel modules to emulated MIPS router, insert those into the kernel and observe the working

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Backdoor Practice Lab: MIPS architecture